Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein
Radio Interface Regulation

784.101.21 / RIR10121)

DRAFT - RIR1012-08
Automotive radar
24.25 - 24.50 GHz
(WLAM) Wide Band Low Activity Mode automotive radar
Edition 3.99.1 / 01.09.2019

Draft version of RIR
This draft RIR is merely for information purposes and is not legally binding at the time of this publication and their contents can still undergo important modifications until officially released.

Nr Parameter2)DescriptionComments
1Radiocommunication service--
2ApplicationAutomotive radarFor automotive radars.
The activity of the Wideband Low Activity Mode (WLAM) is limited to avoid the risk of interference and this mode is only activated in specific configurations as a complementary to designation d1 to d5 (ERC/REC 70-03, Annex 5) as described in ECC Report 164.
3Frequency bandA: 24.250 - 24.495 GHz
B: 24.495 - 24.500 GHz
C: 24.250 - 24.500 GHz
D: 24.250 - 24.500 GHz
5Modulation / Occupied bandwidth--
6Direction / Separation--
7Transmit power / Power densityBand A: -11 dBm e.i.r.p.
Band B: -8 dBm e.i.r.p.
Band C: +20 dBm e.i.r.p.
Band D: +16 dBm e.i.r.p.
According to ERC/REC 70 - 03 Annex 5
8Channel access and occupation rulesBand A: max. 0.25%/s/25 MHz duty cycle
Band B: max. 1.5%/s/5 MHz duty cycle
Band C: max. 5.6%/s/25 MHz duty cycle
Band D: max. 2.3%/s/25 MHz duty cycle
According to ERC/REC 70 - 03 Annex 5
9Authorisation regimeSwitzerland: License exempt.
Liechtenstein: General authorisation.
Operation on NIB / NPB. (Non interference basis / non protection basis).
10Additional essential requirements--
11Frequency planning assumptionsEN 302 858-
12Planned changesThis RIR will be deleted on 1.1.2020-
13ReferenceEN 302 858 /-/ ERC/REC 70-03, Annex 5.Effective use of spectrum / ECC Decisions / ECC Recommendations.
14Notification numberG/TBT/N/CHE/174
15RemarksEN 301 489-3. ECC Report 164.-

Normative part: 1 to 11
Informative part: Nr 12 to 15

1) RIR for similar and/or other applications are available under: https://www.bakom.admin.ch/bakom/en/home/frequenzen-antennen/nationaler-frequenzzuweisungsplan/schnittstellen-anforderungen.html
2) For explanations and legal status, please refer to basis document 784.101.21 / RIR0000