Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein
Radio Interface Regulation

784.101.21 / RIR10031)
Tracking, tracing and data acquisition

Asset tracking and tracing
169.6125-169.8125 MHz
25 W e.r.p.
Edition 2.0 / 01.08.2018

Nr Parameter2)DescriptionComments
1Radiocommunication serviceMobile except aeronautical mobile-
2ApplicationAsset tracking and tracing'Tracing and asset tracking system' means a system which allows the tracing and tracking of (lost or stolen) goods (such as vehicles, car, boat, valuables, etc.), leading to their recovery, consisting in general of an radio transmitter placed on the item to be protected and a receiver and may also include an alarm.
3Frequency bandA: 169.6125 - 169.6375 MHz
B: 169.7125 - 169.7625 MHz
C: 169.7875 - 169.8125 MHz
4Channelling12.5 kHz / 25.0 kHz-
5Modulation / Occupied bandwidthF3E, G3E, GMSK-
6Direction / Separation--
7Transmit power / Power density25 W e.r.p.Transmit power limit according to license / individual assignment.
8Channel access and occupation rulesDuty Cycle max. 1 %-
9Authorisation regimeSwitzerland: License required.
Liechtenstein: Individual assignment required.
10Additional essential requirements--
11Frequency planning assumptionsEN 300 113-
12Planned changes--
13ReferenceEN 300 113 /-/-.Effective use of spectrum / ECC Decisions / ECC Recommendations.
14Notification numberG/TBT/N/CHE/129
15RemarksEN 301 489-3-

Normative part: 1 to 11
Informative part: Nr 12 to 15

1) RIR for similar and/or other applications are available under: https://www.bakom.admin.ch/bakom/en/home/frequenzen-antennen/nationaler-frequenzzuweisungsplan/schnittstellen-anforderungen.html
2) For explanations and legal status, please refer to basis document 784.101.21 / RIR0000