Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein
Radio Interface Regulation

784.101.21 / RIR07031)
Weather radar

Weather radar
5250 - 5850 MHz
Edition 3.0 / 01.08.2018

Nr Parameter2)DescriptionComments
1Radiocommunication serviceRadiolocation-
2ApplicationWeather radar-
3Frequency band5250 - 5850 MHz-
5Modulation / Occupied bandwidthP0N / The occupied bandwidth (-40 dBc) shall be within the allocated bandwidth.-/ Allocated bandwidth: according to the provisions in the license / individual assignment. Measurement techniques according ITU-R M.1177 shall be used for the determination of the -40 dBc bandwidth.
6Direction / Separation--
7Transmit power / Power densityMax. 25 GW peak e.i.r.p.
Max. 250 kW peak output power.
8Channel access and occupation rules--
9Authorisation regimeSwitzerland: License required.
Liechtenstein: Individual assignment required.
Requested parameters for the application:
- Type of meteorological radar according to ITU-R M.1638, Table 2.
- The operational centre frequency
- The nominal bandwidth according to ITU-R SM.1138
- The occupied -40 dBc bandwidth according to ITU-R M.1177
10Additional essential requirements--
11Frequency planning assumptionsITU Radio Regulations, Appendix 3.ITU-R M.1177 (Measurement of unwanted emissions of radar)
ITU-R M.1314 (Reduction of unwanted emissions of radar systems)
ITU-R M.1372 (Efficient use of the radio spectrum by radar stations)
ITU-R M.1461 (Interference between radar and other services)
ITU-R M.1638 (Sharing criteria in the band 5250 and 5850 MHz)
ITU-R SM.329 (Unwanted emissions in the spurious domain)
ITU-R SM.1138 (Necessary bandwidth and designation of emissions)
ITU-R SM.1541 (Unwanted emissions in the out-of-band domain)
ERC/REC 74-01 (Unwanted emissions in the spurious domain)
12Planned changes--
13Reference-/-/ ERC/REC 74-01.Effective use of spectrum / ECC Decisions / ECC Recommendations.
14Notification numberG/TBT/N/CHE/102

Normative part: 1 to 11
Informative part: Nr 12 to 15

1) RIR for similar and/or other applications are available under: https://www.bakom.admin.ch/bakom/en/home/frequenzen-antennen/nationaler-frequenzzuweisungsplan/schnittstellen-anforderungen.html
2) For explanations and legal status, please refer to basis document 784.101.21 / RIR0000