Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein
Radio Interface Regulation

784.101.21 / RIR10101)
Wideband data transmission systems

Wideband data transmission systems
2400 - 2483.5 MHz
100 mW e.i.r.p.
Edition 5.1 / 01.01.2015

Nr Parameter2) Description Comments
1 Radiocommunication service - -
2 Application Wideband data transmission systems Stand-alone radio devices with or without their own control provisions. Plug-in radio devices intended for use with or within a variety of host systems or within combined equipment.
The equipment can be used in fixed, mobile or portable applications.
3 Frequency band 2400.0 - 2483.5 MHz -
4 Channelling - -
5 Modulation / Occupied bandwidth - Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS).
Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS).
Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM).
6 Direction / Separation - -
7 Transmit power / Power density Max. 100 mW e.i.r.p..
Max. 100 mW/100 kHz e.i.r.p. for FHSS.
Max. 10 mW/MHz e.i.r.p. for wideband modulations.
For Frequency hopping spread spectrum modulation (FHSS), the maximum e.i.r.p. spectral density is limited to 100mW/100kHz.
For wide band modulations other then FHSS (e.g. DSSS, OFDM, etc.), the maximum e.i.r.p. spectral density is limited to 10 mW/MHz.
Type of Antenna: integral or dedicated.
8 Channel access and occupation rules The equipment shall use advanced mitigation techniques. The equipment shall implement an adequate spectrum sharing mechanism in order to facilitate sharing between the various technologies and applications.
The adequate spectrum sharing mechanism can be e.g. LBT (Listen Before Talk), DAA (Detect And Avoid) or any other mechanism providing a similar level of mitigation.
9 Authorisation regime Switzerland: License exempt.
Liechtenstein: General authorisation.
Operation on NIB / NPB. (Non interference basis / non protection basis).
10 Additional essential requirements - -
11 Frequency planning assumptions EN 300 328 All RX and TX parameters of the standard are taken in account
12 Planned changes -
13 Reference EN 300 328 / EN 301 489-17 / EN 60950 /
ERC/REC 70-03, Annex 3.
Effective use of spectrum / EMC / Electrical safety /
ECC Decisions / ECC Recommendations / Other Reference.
14 Notification number 2012/9510/CH
15 Remarks -
Test Report Template ETSI TR 102 475 may be applied for testing to EN 300 328.

Normative part:    Nr   1 to 11
Informative part:   Nr 12 to 15

1) RIR for similar and/or other applications are available under: https://www.bakom.admin.ch/bakom/en/home/frequenzen-antennen/national-frequency-allocation-plan/technical-interface-regulations.html
2) For explanations and legal status, please refer to basis document 784.101.21 / RIR0000